Reply To: NARSOL affiliate files lawsuit in Connecticut



Lawsuits may seem good but these are devilish attacks on the human mind. One has to ask would God give an opportunity to set people up? Would any human being with authority set his people up? Even today my PO came to the house and basically all he says is how you doing or you doing ok. While I had words I could see the authority that he wants to play .I I even ask him about church and he said he said your free to go to church and said if you want to come down to the office I can show you. Some of this endeavor is like one really did a crime and they want one to believe that but who gave the opportunity.?

Basically most all this is pumping by PO to get one off guard as that is what the whole internet set ups are all about is to get people off guard by the use of sex as a weapon of discourse in this game that they play. Sure its a deadly game of challange as the devil wants to win in these factor type encounters of a mind altering. It is no different than the Guarden of Eden or God testing job. I wonder who is self-righteous or playing devil without a gun.