Reply To: Florida’s sex offender camps: “Animals live better than this”



How can this happen? In Pa if temperatures are below 32 and above 90 a dog can not be subject to theses temperatures for more then 30 minutes. Libre’s Law, states that dogs must have access to fresh water and shade. It is considered in Humane, animal cruelty. This is not right, none of it. Isn’t the idea of going to jail and prison for any crime to be punishment. So what happens in theses places? Are they not called Correctional Facilities, and the guards called Correctional Officers. So who is not doing there job when it comes to Sex Offenders. Why is this one group of people segregated, not allowed into Shelters, forced to be Homeless. This use to be the choice of drug users because getting high was more important, then having a home, stealing from family, and friends, to get high. Drug dealers and users are now people like you and me. They get more positive attention because of the extreme use of Heroin. The amount of deaths related to the use of opioids is now a major concern. The use of Heroin has been Pandemic all over the World. We just give them Naloxone and let them go. I heard stories of how the system was failing the families of these users. Children being the ones affected . So how is making someone homeless instead of giving them a job, and a a place to live protecting children? There is something very wrong here!