Reply To: Florida’s sex offender camps: “Animals live better than this”


Their daughter was physically and sexually abused for 6 years and didn’t feel comfortable enough to tell her parents?
Ron and Lauren never noticed any signs in their daughters’ behavior, there are always signs. What kind of physical abuse, were there no marks or bruises? Sounds to me like Ron and Lauren didn’t have a very close relationship with their daughter.

So now they feel guilty for not being good enough parents to protect their child and they take their anger and guilt out on all sex offenders.

They obviously ignore all the evidence that shows that living in proximity of schools and parks has absolutely no effect on re-offense rates. Their nanny was not a registered citizen. Most new cases are committed by perpetrates not currently on the registry.

When will the lawmakers quit spreading their propaganda and fear tactics, and their chest beating “tough on crime” rhetoric and get a grip on reality. Most registered citizens are not a danger to society. It’s the people closest to you, the people your kids trust that you have to watch.

Registered citizens have done their time. It’s time we let them move on with their lives and once again become productive members of society, and quit banishing them to Warsaw Ghetto like communities.