Reply To: Florida’s sex offender camps: “Animals live better than this”


Tony L.

So now we have two hypocrits out there who want to punish the world, because they didn’t protect their children, they feel that they have to protect everyone, ie. Adam Walsh act. It is interesting how the original sex offender law only covered a few laws and has blown up to 40 to 50 different types of crimes, so much for being a forgiving country and and 2nd chances, which is what Virginia promises. The registry is a form of punishment and until someone stands up and fights it on that area, it is a violation of our civil rights, if you are working and paying taxes, our rights have and will continue to be violated and the ACLU won’t don’t anything either. This situation in Florida is worse then what people dealt with during the wars. I guess we have forgotten what God’s word says about forgiveness and that before we create a law, we should be asking ourselves what would Jesus do?