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Allie, thanks for your support of my comment. I’d be willing to bet the farm that (1) No politicians would even sponsor such legislation and (2) the courts would not uphold such additional registries or restrictions. They would claim we’re a unique type of offender and only we warrant such tight restrictions and close supervision. They’d rationalize and mealy-mouth their way around doing that.

I don’t think that even child molesters should have to register for life; in fact, not at all. The registry does nothing to protect little kids and teens from sexual abuse and exploitation. Most offenses committed against kids are perpetrated by those the child and the child’s parents know, trust, and like/love. It’s social proximity and not geographical proximity. An overwhelming majority of newly reported/prosecuted cases of child molestation are committed by someone with no prior history as a sex offender. Most don’t have a criminal record of any kind which means they’re not on Nanny Big Government’s registry.