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As a Christian, I know I shouldn’t wish ill on another human being, however, it seems to me that the only way people will learn is when someone they love more than life itself – a son or a daughter- gets caught up in this mess and lands on the public registry for life with all the life-crippling restrictions attached thereto. I truly think the best medicine for the rabid haters that infest our nation like so many intestinal parasitic worms is a good healthy dose of the empathy. They’d be the first one’s crying like little babies over how unfair the laws are and how their precious child, who has so much good in them, can’t get a fair shot at starting over. I’d want to be the first one to leer and gloat and tell them, “Sorry, cupcake!! You’re getting exactly what you’ve always supported and demanded be imposed on others, so lay down and shut your pie hole and live with it like all the rest of us have to!!! You wanted these laws and you got ’em, so shut up and live with it!!”