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Leann I have to agree with you on that one. Even my sister told me any messages I get like this to just store them and not open them. I have been doing that for 5 years. I would say I have 45 or more of these are on my computer I just put them all in a separate folder. Some say, hot and sexy looking for a hot time. Ms. sweet, or (I wish to talk my Honey:) or GOOD DAY) My HON:) in caps of course. One of them said Hi! Hope your free to talk MY OLD BUDDY:) and GOOD MORNING) what are you up to ?Dear: Sure these are all come on’s and people should be aware of those people that clown around to trap or re entrap those into all this. They will show you know mercy when it is actually government that sets these things up.

I’m sure a lot of you all have these on your computer. I can just present these to authorities or congress and I’m sure we can all get to the bottom of all this sex trappings. It really gets to be a pain but I’m sure there is a reason when they come four and more at a time. Each month its more some its less its all a bait game with this sex ordeal.