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Actually these internet encounters are a violent perverting of justicement and justice. It si a two wrongs don’t make a right type of situation. Christians should expose some of this ordeal that man is laying on people. Its like betraying the Ordainment of Government today. Its like offenses do come but woo to those from who the offense comes. Its our duty to expose them. Sure you might want to brush up on your Christian faith and we all have a certain measure of faith, How one works out his or her own salvation that is up to the individual, but we all have a learning curve.
If we are not one nation under God than someone is trying to be over God in all this sex registry stuff so its like a fox hole that one has to draw them out of the hole as they are doing wrong. Drawing you out with the opportunity of sex is wrong and all advocates and even the individual needs to take action. All this is in the bible. Look guys dont’ be ashamed to step up as government is just as much the enemy when they don’t promote their wrongfull acts. If its a real girl situation than that can be a hard call but these basic standard prostutition set ups or the fictitous 14 year old girl one has to call them out or who know’s the thoughts of man or who know’s man’s intent. See those police can’t read people’s minds Sex is the all time tempter and so devilish at times with these ordeals.