Reply To: International Travel


Linda, So glad you made your trip to El Salvador. Here is the thing, the US likes to make allot of countries seem untravelable, but in reality they are easy and fun to travel too. Hope you enjoy your travels.
Roman, I don’t think you will have any issues traveling to Spain as it is an EU nation and it seems the EU is adopting the same rules of travel for all RSOs. But as I said in my earlier post, only give the required 21 day notice, don’t book hotels unless you have to. The US is trying to bully other nations into following their rules and it seems that nations that are dependant on the US or are adopting similar stupid registration laws are cooperating. I think this whole IML is going to go down in flames once their is enough UN complaints. Remember, if you are turned away from a country this is a violation of the UN “Universal Rights Declaration”, so, you have the right to file a complaint through the UN for a human rights violation. Here is the information to make a complaint. If enough people complain to the UN, then the UN has to pay attention and can sanction that country.

Good luck in all your travels.