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Chris Harvey

I am encouraged by this discussion and agree unequivocally with Dr. Klein’s excellent article about the recall effort in California. But my positive feelings are tempered by the reality of our age.

There is much to be concerned about in the United States in this currently divisive political climate. Little real conversation is occurring between sides holding different points of view. Destructive acts occur because emotion overtakes reason at critical times, and I fear that the same is occurring in this instance. Leaders with wise moral authority who can argue for quiet reflection about what’s best for all parties in the long view of time (especially society and its institutions) are drowned out by the hysteria of vengeful masses and the convenient misapplication of truth that fuels hatred and division. The hypocrisy of those arguing for the judge’s removal and their lack of concern for facts and the larger well-being of communities and societies is disheartening, but sadly all too common.

I am from a family (and lets never forget that such events affect families, not just individuals) with a talented young man who was caught with photos of underage women on his computer. He served 3 years behind bars at a critical time in his life, and now faces ten years of mandatory probation requiring 100 mile trips to outsourced (profit-driven) psychological “group therapy” as well as lifetime punishment on the registry. He had no contact with anyone during his “sex crime”; yet on discharge he has faced insurmountable barriers in all facets of life- employment, career choice, travel, housing, etc. His story and the stories of thousands of others like him make “The Scarlet Letter” seem contemporary.

Sadly, the wave of vengeful hysteria fueling the recall election is symptomatic of the larger state of our society. Until we elect wise leaders who care about people and just laws, we are all condemned to live in the gulag we now occupy.