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It is sad that we now consider all sex offenders as rapist. Not at all true! I would like to know the percent of actual true rapes that have occurred in my State, but this is hard to find out. The Laws now have an age factor, this is what dictates most of the arrest, not so much as the act. This young man was intoxicated at the time, and the young women was as well. She passed out. That is all I know about this case, and that someone reported it. My first question is how did they both get intoxicated and end up where they did. It was near or behind a dumpster that was something else that I remembered. My next question is why is she not responsible for her actions, why is it all on him? Passing out is not common when getting drunk, most people do not let them self go that far. Now who need rehab or deep therapy. I forgive him and his actions. I understand that he made a mistake, and so did she. I forgive her as well for putting herself in that condition, and turning this young mans life upside down. I agree with the Judge who sentenced him. I do not agree with the Registry, this should not be a life time sentence.