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Not only should there be a registry for every single crime in the book, there should be a commensurate number of life-crippling restrictions appropriate for each crime. Murderers can’t live within 1500 feet of another human being; can’t ever tell when he or she might get the urge to kill again!

A bank robber can never go to the bank again or have any sort of bank account.

Drug offenders should not be allowed to live within 1500 feet of any pharmacy and cannot possess any products from a pharmacy.

Those who commit phone fraud can never again live within 1500 feet of anyone who possesses a telephone and can never use one to make or receive phone calls ever again.

Those who commit mail fraud can’t live within 1500 feet of any post office or any other business involved in the mailing or shipping of packages. They can never send or receive mail.

See how asinine it can get?