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misdemeanor offender


You are absolutely correct that there shouldn’t be a sex offense registry. I would argue that if a registry is supposedly in the public interest of public safety then why isn’t the ‘terror do not fly’ list not public or published? Afterall the greatest issue of vigilance and circumspection is to quickly identify threats to the public. Instead, sex offender registries supposedly serve the purpose that sexual issues are far more important than issues of terror and mass destruction.

Additionally, the media has its hands in the proverbial pie. If there is a sex offender that violates conditions of the registry then be ready for an exclusive segment on “hidden dangers in your neighborhood.” It is nothing more than fear-based rhetoric and the equivalency of a modern-day Nazi-style propaganda machine that carries many similarities on how to identify a sex offender, force them into ghettos, take away abilities to be a part of society, and strip away basic human rights long after the trial has ended.