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Phys Ed

Americans love their witch hunts and autos-de-fe. I have seen quite a few just in my own lifetime. Not long after my birth, they came for the Japanese American citizen and destroyed their lives and businesses. Then they came for supposed Communists in Hollywood and New York and destroyed the lives and careers of many prominent show business names. Then they came for the dope dealers. I knew people in New York City who were sentenced to twenty years in prison for possession of an ounce of marijuana. Now it’s legal in three states. Now they come after the “sex offenders” for metaphorical burning at the stake. Most of the people on the registry were arrested for the newly minted crime of curiosity and looking at pictures involving underage women having sex. That happened because Congress and the SCOTUS ignored completely the First and Fourth Amendments of the Constitution. Winston Churchill once said that “Americans will always do the right thing; but only after they have tried all the wrong ways first.” How right he was…