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Michael Miller

I can relate to this article because I am on lifetime registration as well. I was under the influence of Alcohol at the time of my “Lewd act” conviction and although I agree it is not a valid excuse for what I did, it was a mistake, a poor judgement call while intoxicated. For me it will not be that long on the Registry since I am now already in my mid 60’s, a time when I should be celebrating life, being retired and enjoying all I worked hard for. But a mistake in judgement 10 years ago ended that. No problems prior to my conviction, worked with kids all my life with no problems what so ever. Then one night while drunk some one said blow me (Im Gay) and I said ok. turns out the guy was 16. I had no idea, I was wasted.

In 8 months I will be off of probation(5 years) and a little more free to move about but with every state having different laws, its still going to be tough traveling like I had planned.I love camping and bought a camper so that I can travel and see the US. Now I will have to secure an Attorney to check prior to leaving to make sure that I do not get in trouble by violating some random states law while traveling though.

It would have been better had I murdered someone, or sold drugs to minors or been a domestic abuser, at least once my jail time and probation were over I could get back to a semi normal life. But not a sex offender or as I like to be called a Registered Citizen. Unlike most Registered Citizens I am retired so work is not a problem and I rent a house from Family. So I am better off than most.

I wish the public could see how the registry affect people, families and households. I cant drive for Uber, I can have a Facebook account, I can even have a account. All of these have nothing to do with being on Probation. Each of these things are restricted by the organizations them selves. I am no more of a threat than anyone else and statistics prove that but lawmakers bend the truth so that fear is instilled in people.

I wish the guy luck, keep the faith, keep going and dont let anyone or anything get you down!