Reply To: Abusing his authority, NC Sheriff goes “above and beyond” what the law allows


Actually while there are good comments on here both from dudes and some females or parents that want to help their son or daugter out and others that are caught up in the many different facets of this sex offender game, one has to wonder who’s the offender. Does government have a license to kill or snare, bait, trap or whaterver you’d like to call it? Tricky and maniuplation are just wrong.

The saying pride goeth before the fall and I’m sure no one in government would admit their pride or even if they were a sinner. Government bleeds just like everybody else. Here we have Derek involved in his ordeal, myself involved in another, Maestro involved in another and there all different circumstances.

Now protecting and serving are one thing but I can’t understand about this Delilah or jezebel ordeal thru a computer by those that should be following Jesus’s principals. The old law was sinful. When govenment starts coveting thy neighbor, which is what they are doing because man is tricked. Actually they are breaking down one’s free will and running roll over you. Narsol and other groups should take a good second look at all this as it is totally others. Keeping the peace is good but going above is blind justice having or their own justice.

There have been comments on here also about this. So can we all say the law perverts justice in so many ways with these conspiricy traps and actually who gets harmed in some of these things.