Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

@ Brian

I think you are out of state RSO that is being held to ACT 111 of 2011 loop hole stop. you should google PA ACT 111 and call your lawyer to investigate what the deal is on holding you to ACT 111. This issue has to be in your argument to preserve it for appeal review.

The DA of the trial court in the county you are in is most likely in a common pleas court. You need to ask your lawyer if he can appeal to Harrisburg Commonwealth court because this is an out of state issue and the local DA is not the dog to tell on inter state compact issues. Your lawyer is milking you at this time knowing that all out of state issues should initial in the PA commonwealth court. You would save time and money talking to a PAG rather then a county DA.

It was a PAG that took me off the registry in Harrisburg, PA. I am out of state from Texas. The PAG is needed to do a interstate compact investigation through CO. your state of conviction. Under ACT 10 we must register until final appeal decision. That may take some time. In my case the ACT 10 notice applies to me too. I have until 22 May 2018 to register under ACT 10 as I fight my appeal. I don’t like it but I will comply and fight.

The bridge in your case is to deal with a PAG from Harrisburg Not all lawyers are sex offender lawyers. They fight a the local level until they get your money and then they tell you we have to go to Harrisburg. You in you case don’t have a trial court in PA. Your trial court is the CO. court then you moved to PA. and the PSP was given a inter state compact report from CO. You should as your lawyer to be honest with you.