Reply To: Florida: Significant ex post facto victory in Ft. Lauderdale case


This is a wonderful victory for registered citizens in Florida. It seems the courts are our only resort. Thank God there are some judges of honorable character who are not afraid to call things like they are.

In my opinion, the next thing that needs to be attacked is the fact that individual municipalities are able to set their own residency & presence restrictions. The state needs to set one fixed standard and leave it at that. When each municipality can set their own statutes, it becomes one-upmanship on who will pass the harshest restrictions to stop offenders who are legislated out of one municipality from moving into another with less stringent restrictions.

What I predicted is finally happening. These sex offender regimes are starting to collapse under the weight of their own punitive nature. Let the legislators keep heaping on the restrictions. They are too stupid and short-sighted to see that they’re actually spelling doom for the very laws they rubber stamp every legislative session. The more restrictive they become, the harder it gets for them to maintain a “non-punitive” intent.