Reply To: Abusing his authority, NC Sheriff goes “above and beyond” what the law allows

john schultz

Greetings, one and all, from the Great State of AZ. Another great article Robin, thank you. May I please take this moment and announce some Great News? Last week the State of AZ dismissed, with prejudice, the phoney fraudulent case they were prosecuting against me, two counts of failure to register. In AZ it is Strict Liability, and the typical sentence is a mandatory 5 to 7 in, plus lifetime supervision. The entire case was based on a single typo on one form, in which my updated address used the suffix “ST” for street, when it should gave been “DR” for drive. I am dual registered in Wisconsin, and they had the correct address, as was my license correct, just one piece of paper that i didnt even fill out myself. They prosecuted me! Out of prison and offense free for 8 years, original case was 1988! THEY TRIED TO PUT DOWN for the count for a TYPO! Rejoice with me my friends because it was like being born all over again, but please, please do not ever let yourself get lazy. They are after us, by god it is true. They only dropped this garbage case because of the miracle of being accurately registered jointly in Wisconsin. Had it not been for that, which the sleezebags didnt realize when they got the Grand Jury Indictment, Id be burned up. I am so overcome with fear that i dont know what to do or what kaw im breaking. Gotta get out of hear assp. Any suggestions? Thanks for reading this and thanks for everyones contributions. I love all you guys, john schultz