Reply To: Blanket sex offender bans? Judge says no


This blanket ban from what some say is unconstitutional. Two yrs. ago I had to take a suprise polygraph test, they told me the best thing it was free. So I’m takng the test and at the end of the test I mentioned I was on facebook to sign up to do telephone campaging for Donald Trump at the time. I’m not sure if I actually signed up when the campaign lady gave me the link to sign up but when I mentioned that on the polygraph test I was called to the PO’s office and we had a few words.
Well that was a useless trip back to court because my PO said you broke my word and I’m wondering that they gave me use of internet for my business contacts but this signing up to do phone campaiging for trump sounded a bit too much for me to handle. I guess the PO is a person’s God in a way. Its like you follow my orders type of thing. Bottom line is authorities are always right or is this sword of justice going a bit too far in this perfect constitutional world.