Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

Concerned Registered Citizen

…By the way, I had a Judge only trial. No jurors. The judge never mentioned anything about Sex Offense registration nor did he ordered or included a Megan’s Law punishment. For years I never argued or litigated that because, I was scared. Also, later I grew some “cojones” (damn courage), but was financially unable. After that my attempts felt indifferent by the lack of concern and support from individuals and organizations (for profit/non-profit). I accepted my fate/reality as a “waste of time” due to the opposing forces in power preventing change. Here I am 15 years later (on base year now) with poor health, broke, and waiting on the old good government to approve or disapprove my SSI/SSD claim since, I can not get/keep a job and I am suffering from all kinds of health issues including depression (which I do see a Psychologist so, for those concerned (pun intended) about me, I do not plan to go anywhere any time for quite a few decades (still got to see what my children will grow to be like to others in the World which, is how I will self judge my accomplishment as a human being on this Earth). So, for all of you that have it good, enjoy it while you have it. I also did once for a period of time, short lived by most standards of what constitutes a stable/successful life. Destroyed not by the registry, but by people.

You all take care and my best to each of you. Again, I do wish my experience I encountered recently helps. Thank you NARSOL and Mods for the platform to speak.