Reply To: Abusing his authority, NC Sheriff goes “above and beyond” what the law allows


I just got a little e-mail from Brenda Jones. Sure I’m getting a ready to get my address a letter it to my congressman as guys a lot of these Sex Offenders things are not right. Sure I mentioned to her to let Robin gets some of what I wrote I”m sure I will have to condense my letter and things, but she gave me some tips, Letters gives hope to some. Sure everyone on here has their own idea’s about this sex offender registry and how they compound things for a lot of people.
I been corresponding with a pastor in Flagstaff, AZ for about two years. A few weeks ago he tells me about a person that use to go to church there was caught up in a prostitution operation done via the internet. Sure a lot are duped in all this sex situation via good old internet. I just wonder who’s invading peoples thoughts by this computer thing. I guess police are not called “Flat Foots” anymore but it is still wrong.

Anyway the pastor out in Flagstaff sends me his weekly sermon and althought we correspond now an than the message sounded good, even the verse quote,for an Easter servirce and its also a principle we can all use in many ways even with this ordeal some are going thru here’s the bible quite Theirs a way that seemeth right to man but the ends are the ways of death. Now isn’t a lot of this ordeal death sentence to some?

Most All of these types of sex games are pre-planned via this internet ordeal. Sure man wants to do it their own way but that is wrong. Even when cops go above Christian teachings that is wrong and they know it. I’m sure we all have a conscience yet we are suppose to obey the law or should we all go back to dark days. We all need to address this problem to help others, Isn’t that what its all about.