Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


Concerned Registered Citizen

Hello everyone! I went in to register within my 10 day window (on the tenth day exactly. I decided to do so in spite of the letter I received on March 23rd (as detailed on my post above on the 24th) where it stated that I had until May 22 to appear and register under ACT 10. I am a ten year out of state pre-SORNA with my ten years completed going on 15 years (my paper work shows registration end date March 29, 2019). I notice changes to the paper work I received upon completing my registration (Officer that I got today did not seem friendly or talkative/chatty like most I have gotten, but they are there to do a job, I understand). The first two pages had references to ACT 10 which, has change from the previous SORNA form given to sign. I took note in particular of part of the paragraph: #2. a. “Failing or refusing to complete your initial registration or comply with any other provision of Megan’s Law at any other time will subject you to arrest and felony prosecution pursuant to 18 Pa.C.S 4915.1 or4915.2.”

Any questions? …in the next 2 hours I will try to answer based on my experience today. I am not giving you legal advise!