Reply To: Abusing his authority, NC Sheriff goes “above and beyond” what the law allows



Dr. Christainson,

These laws cannot effectively be fought in every state. Why? Well, some states like Tennessee have an ACLU that could care less about using a penny of their money to fight for “lost causes” like sex offender rights. They have actually said that they don’t take on sex offender issues because they’d always be on the losing end of the rulings. That’s a lie. The ACLU in other states has won important victories for the offenders they represent. Also, lawyers willing to work at this issue like Janice Bellucci are so rare. I haven’t found one yet!

Our opinions don’t matter to legislators. They will view our input as “simply a disgruntled rapist or child molester who hates living with the consequences of their actions”. Many times our families are afraid to make waves because they fear retaliation against their registered loved one.

So what can you do for offenders in states that don’t have a lawyer who is willing to DONATE their time to fight these laws and get them overturned or at least dialed back?