Reply To: Abusing his authority, NC Sheriff goes “above and beyond” what the law allows

Hoi Polloi

This is happening to all RSOs here in Cumberland County, even those who have no probation, no treatment schedule, no parole (under the “old law”), no restitution, no case worker, no other restrictions or restraints other than the statutory requirements set forth by the state and federal governments to register and perform the semi-annual address verification.

To be clear, a RSO living in Cumberland County, North Carolina, USA who is free and clear except for being listed on the sex offender registry is told by the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Department’s Sex Offender Unit, namely Sergeant Leatherwood, that he or she “must come to the sheriff’s department and obtain a ‘travel pass’ any time he or she leaves the state of North Carolina, or any time he or she is gone from Cumberland County for more than three (3) days.” That is a direct quote.

To make matters even worse from a privacy standpoint, it’s the innocent families of RSO’s here in Cumberland County who are being intimidated and punished by Ennis Wright’s sheriff’s department and Sergeant David Leatherwood’s Sex Offender Unit. Bullying at the door, veiled threats by SOU deputies, leaflets left on the door, and big dramatic entrances into the yard with patrol cars when conducting the extra “address verification” visits.

What is the North Carolina law, and how much of this is consistent with the statute and how much of it is truly enforceable? The sheriff’s department and SOU have our family terrified of what may come next, although we are all law abiding and pillars in the community.

Where do we go for definitive help and the absolute, unfiltered truth?