Reply To: Abusing his authority, NC Sheriff goes “above and beyond” what the law allows


While I just got off the phone with the secretary of one of our congressmen in my state and she wanted to know about my call earlier and she said she would relay a message to him it was a bit shakey when I told he I wanted my congressman to address the sex offender issue. It as if her whole demeaner turned a whiter shade of pale. She started talking about vitcims and I said they was no real victim and she was a bit confused as just the word sex offender was bad enough.

I mentioned to her I would send a letter explaining about a lot of this ordeal that is against biblical principals. A lot of this sexual issue is more of a spiritual nature via an internet device than anything else. Man seems to have their own device but the word of the Lord is a sharp and powerful. So we all need to address this to our congressman. Sure government is making these thing a business but public things are public safety not coning one up in these issues. if one pretends to be someone than that isn’t good or should God’s servants play the devil in these internet schemes bearing the sword of Justice is one thing but a lying tongue is another and wouldnt’ you all agree that the sword of the spirit is mighter.