Reply To: Abusing his authority, NC Sheriff goes “above and beyond” what the law allows



I have had my apartment for 2 months now in Harrisburg Pa.
I was posting on the Muniz forum here.

I had a member of the Harrisburg Police come to my house with a “reporter” from the local news, saying they were doing compliance checks and they do them monthly.

I opened the door before I knew who it was, and listened to his crap.
I said “oh yea? Cool, fuck off”

and slammed the door shut.

In Pennsylvania the ONLY law enforcement official that has the right to question or request verification is Pennsylvania State Police AND they do NOT come to your house. You go to them.

Any other LEA in Pennsylvania must use the Pa Megan’s Law website (Juts like regular public), and that’s directly from the Megan’s Law Supervisor Nicole at PSP Headquarters.