Reply To: Abusing his authority, NC Sheriff goes “above and beyond” what the law allows

a man without a country

“above and beyond…” Actually, before I saw this the other day, I was thinking of something I thought many times over 15 years ago while on probation: If SOs are ALL so bad, why aren’t they all locked up FOR LIFE?

Well, the answers are many. Alcatraz isn’t big enough, even for CA’s population of SOs. It’d also be prohibitively expensive. What are the latest estimates of the nationwide numbers on the roles? I seriously doubt the Pitchfork Brigade is even giving a thought to Constitutionality as a reason for not locking up every single SO. So what is the major reason? If indeed all SOs were incarcerated for life, there wouldn’t be any fear factor to milk on a regular basis! And thereby also obtain funds for specially marked vans and cars to go around doing these checks. Kind of the same thing as some police departments applying for and getting funds for armored personnel carriers.

I’m having trouble finding the quote and who said it, but it was good: Even institutions founded with the best intentions for common good eventually wind up existing only for themselves. All this ruckus made by the Pitchfork Brigade does not equal what they are doing for window dressing (window shattering) and all ad and post hoc, too. Never a thing about digging deep for answers as to why many of these things happen in the first place. If the PB really wants to put a stop to ‘offenses,’ it should put more thought into preventing them.

My mother died, I will always believe, as a result of the stress we went through, but she always said: “The death penalty will not put an end to this stuff.” I think she had a point.