Reply To: “Social, not geographic, proximity facilitates sex crimes.”

misdemeanor offender

Let’s be honest for a brief moment and look at the Democratic Party and its position of sexual offenders. There is plenty of evidence that suggests Democrats are mostly in favor of sex offender registries. A reason I bring this up is that most Democrats view the registry as a cost reduction method of reducing the prison population. Republicans, on the other hand, see the registry as a tool that supports a get tough on crime initiative.

In 1947 California, a mostly democratic leaning state, and democratic legislatures helped create the California Sex and Arson Registry (CSAR). Eventually, Washington state and Minnesota joined decades later, both states democratic leaning states. Now it’s New York, another democratic leaning state that desires to increase and convolute its restructions bypassing the federal guidelines. Why? Because its famed politician seeks a political agenda to capture some media attention and additional votes. Forget about addressing reforms or facts. The political machine is in motion to instill fear about sex offenders rather than guns which may lose votes.

If New York wanted to become a leader in change and remain a powerhouse in public policy, then it would present legislation to end the registry and replace it with a criminal code to incarcerate those that break the law and stop using plea bargains as a weapon as a convenience to law enforcement and the courts.