Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

Dave C

I have a question…

I have been removed from the website for the moment. I began the registration in 2007. But, I also had a 3 year state prison sentence in the middle. I assume they are going to put me back on the website to makeup for the years I missed while incarcerated. At the moment, I am not on the registry while they are reviewing the cases.

Am I getting credit for this time? or are they going to add more time to my registry time at the end of this nonsense because currently I am not on the website?

I can see them taking a year to review my case then adding that time on to my registry time. Like many, I don’t trust any of these people.

Think of the millions of tax dollars they are being wasted dealing with this nonsense. Think about how many new schools that could have been built with the money saved on equipment, work hours, court fees, attorney fees, incarceration costs… and on and on..

The best part is we all know the registry is doomed anyway. The Courts have had enough of the endless sanctions and restrictions. One thing I thought I would never see in my lifetime is the Eagles win the Super Bowl. That’s off the bucket list. The second thing I thought I would never see is the taking down of these unconstitutional registries. Hopefully, soon, I will get to see that as well.

Strength to Everyone.