Reply To: Abusing his authority, NC Sheriff goes “above and beyond” what the law allows


Now I’m going to sound off here a bit and a lot might like this and some might not. Robin presents a pretty good article. Course he is the only one that mentioned about going to church besides me. Sure church is important even with a faith of a mustard seed a lot of good things can come from that. A lot of these coments on here are people conplaining even myself I complain. I just wonder how many complain in Hell or are some of us living a hell on earth with this sex offender ordeal or even with the husband and wife circumstance.

Do we all think about the people in jail or the one’s trying to get their lives together. Should we just listen to some arrogant sheriff saying we should monitor them sex times and even more a month. Why do you think they have chaperones that have to be approved to you to let one go to church if thats what one seeks. I wonder sometimes if we all walk alone with this sex offender ordeal. Is government evil, well it even tells you that in the bible. Does man want to control man, sure they do. Now the big question are we perfect or do we stumble.

Sure everyone is mad upset about these sex ordeals but they all come in many different forms from the simple internet rouse to the actually physical encounters. Are a lot of them right, of course not. Hey I dont’ like it when my PO comes monthly. I dont’ even know what to say to him at times but I’m on guard as didn’t they lie to you at once. Doesn’t matter if its the PO as he is only bowing down to his bosses but he carried just as much clout if one wants to say that. So is all this a devilish game or should we look at all this as a temptation of Eve encounter.