Reply To: Abusing his authority, NC Sheriff goes “above and beyond” what the law allows

misdemeanor offender

Another issue that should be addressed is on the NC Sex Offender Registry there is an area labeled “Last Address Verified.” Why aren’t those responsible for performing physical checks updating this vital information? If the Wake County Sheriff claims additional checks are warranted then why the lack of transparency and real information to the general public? Afterall the registry was supposedly created to be an informational tool to the public. Naturally, deputies such as Wake County Investigator J. Moore has a hidden agenda to increase violations and recidivism.

Perhaps the Wake County Sheriffs department is “cooking the registry books” by keeping a physical checks file in the county office and the other to N.C. State Bureau of Invesigation registry.

Lastly, if Wake County Investigator J. Moore or any SOR deputy performs a house visit, there is an additional issue of public safety. Deputy Moore and others appear in plain clothes driving unmarked vehicles. There is no identification other than “just performing a check” uttered. It is only a matter of time, especially in a culture of identity theft and impersonation, where SOR’s are harmed because of fraudulent checks by an impersonator or unidentifiable person. The sheriff’s department has created this issue and is ultimately responsible for the measures it implemented above and beyond the law.

Now it the time to hold them accountable for its implemented actions and begin filing harassment complaints with internal affairs for each instance where a house visit is not recorded on the NC Sex Offender Registry. If we are accountable, let’s hold them accountable.