Reply To: Abusing his authority, NC Sheriff goes “above and beyond” what the law allows


misdemeanor offender

Wake County SOR officers have visited my home every single month. When I am not at home, they leave various communication methods posted on the door visible for anyone to see. On one occasion there was a business card with the deputy’s business number and a note scribbled “sex offender verification.” Another was a large printed document on thermal paper in 18 point font reading “Sex Offender Verification. Please call this number, or you could be in violation and arrested.” Another was a carbon copy visit form used for welfare visits or home vacation checks.

The issue is I respond to the bi-annually mandatory appearances. However lately the checks have been intrusive, overly harassing, and inconsistent in a manner of communication. The additional checks are nothing more than an attempt to construct an excuse of violation or non-compliance. These conditions are worse than parole because of the ambiguity of how the sex offender laws are interpreted. Moreover, SOR policies or laws increasingly change like the wind creating additional problems.

The additional checks add nothing more to the safety of county residents. Instead, it is nothing more than political posturing to create an illusion of safety by the visibility of another nature. If deputies visited the home of a repeated drug dealer or person convicted of firearms violations they certainly would have harassment charged pressed against the sheriff’s department. Not sex offenders. The more this is allowed, the more mission creep of statutes, and reasonable protections wither away.