Reply To: Abusing his authority, NC Sheriff goes “above and beyond” what the law allows


So Donnie Harrison thinks a solution to prevent crime is to do much more of what was obviously proven to not work. Of course. That is how law enforcement “thinks”.

They are either complete idiots or they think the people who pay them are.

The SEX Offender Registries (SORs) are 100% unacceptable to any real American. People who support it are not Americans. They are harassing terrorists who should be treated as such at all times. They should never be left to their own devices, able to commit their crimes. Keep them in check.

Any family that is listed on a SOR should never, ever allow law enforcement to get near them. Listed families should enclose their properties with walls or fences. Never allow law enforcement criminals in. If walls or fences are not practical, never answer your door. Never communicate with law enforcement beyond what is forced by “law”. Do not return their calls or do anything else.

Also, every citizen should work every day to keep law enforcement as broke and dysfunctional as possible. It is well past time to end Nanny Big Government. Making a real impact is much easier than most people think.