Reply To: Sexual offense laws: What does the future hold?

obvious answers

Yes, you are correct..
The registry violates every single part of the constitution from retroactive enforcement and cruel and inhuman treatment to the fact it is so bizarre and out of scope that not even the judges, prosecuting attorneys or police who enforce it and determine it can translate it… Unfortunately the powers that could fix it frankly care less and are often genuinely enjoying flaunting the fact they can violate the constitution at will rather then uphold it..
Do not expect much integrity from the courts either as they are just as corrupt and the few who may not be corrupt are so geriatric and senile that others are making the decisions for them while spoon feeding their baby food and changing their diapers.. If you watch the debate interview posted on this site you will hear a statement that is unfortunately the battle cry.. Out of millions of people 900 thousand or so is a small number and frankly their rights dont matter..
I apologize if this doesnt sound positive but it is not a positive situation… Even the attorneys, like the civil liberties union who should care about Americans rights prefer to spend more money defending the imaginary rights of criminal illegal immigrants .. If even a third of that energy was placed into defending you then you would see change..But that will not happen. You are not popular and there is no money or positive news media in defending disenfranchised Americans. Any effort to defend registry victims will be half baked and accidental at best. that is why the wins are always slipshod and not definitive victorys…you think it is bad now..wait till they remove of gun rights, which is coming..our government will keep staging shootings until they get their way… then you will really see bad.