Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


Concerned Registered Citizen

Why is it that organizations like this one that advocates for people in our situation and should know how hard it is (one would think) for an RSO to get adequate legal representation without being taken advantage of, that they would not have a legal fund with set agreements with reputable lawyers for easy access to help the RSO’s they advocate for and the reform of laws and their enforcement. It is so disappointing and frustrating and counter productive to the cause, in my opinion of course, but what do I know!?…I know nothing.

Chuck or Brian can you provide the name and/or phone of your attorneys please so that I contact them and see if they are worth my time or money? I understand this organization does not provide for legal advise and I am not asking you two for any. Just a way hand up to possibly get myself the help I need.

Where are the lawsuits of organizations like this one on behalf of RSO’s (and donors) like myself???