Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

Concerned Registered Citizen

I have tried since Thursday last week to contact that Narsol In Action panelist attorney Lea Brickerton and I have gotten nothing, but a lady that takes my messages to supposedly give it to her. I called everyday except Sat. or Sun. for obvious reasons. Today is was put on hold to be told they are busy. No one has returned my call, but she got uneasy when I said that I was looking for a free consultation, then she said they (Lea and her husband) do not do free consultations (that when she came back and said they were busy!). How can I decide if I want to hire (translated to… give them my business/employ them) if I can not even explain my issue and what I want done? It is incredible with these attorneys now-a-days! (even though the profession has been such since, ever). They surely lost my business! I rather give it to someone else (a just graduated student) or no one at all! Sad! I do not care how busy you are, common courtesy to return a call within 3 days. They clearly do not want to speak with me! It must be nice to have enough cases and/or money to turn away potential clients and their possible referrals. I would surely say under other circumstances “Their loss”, but…you know…RSO me!