Reply To: International Travel

Linda Y.

I posted here on February 11 and 19, 2018.
Mexico deported me back to the USA on January 29, 2018, because I was an RSO, but El Salvador allowed me through on Friday, March 9, 2018. However, in order to get there and avoid going through Mexico, where I feared arrest, I had to chose a route that was economical, but included flights through four airports: Burbank, CA; Denver, CO; Houston,TX; and San Salvador. I did not make hotel arrangements having lost money on arrangements in Guatemala because Mexico deported me.
Transferring planes through extremely large airports was difficult, and because of my previous deportation from Mexico, I had an anxiety attack in the Houston Airport. I was psychologically unable to step onto the plane going to El Salvador. Thankfully, the United Airplane staff empathized with me, and told me I could exchange my ticket and catch the next flight to San Salvador in the morning, which is what I did.
When I arrived in El Salvador the next morning, I had no problem with customs. They smiled at me and issued me through as if I were any other unmarked person. From the large windows and doors leading to the outside I could see beautiful green trees and a blue sky. When the doors opened, I could hear the singing of tropical birds and feel the warm climate on my face. I felt like I had entered paradise.
I knew about the country’s crime warnings, and it took me a couple of days to adjust to the third world culture in San Miguel, but after more than two decades apart, my fiancé and I finally were able to enjoy being together as consenting adults.
I’ve been an RSO for 26 years. Everyone deserves a second chance, and mine is way overdue. It has affected everyone in my family and my closest friends. Rocks have been thrown at our house, and I feel threatened knowing my photo and address are online for anyone to see.