Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

ACT 10 RSO will get a new SID to separate from the SORNA SID

ACT 10 will not apply to Pre-SORNA people that are done ten years –

I am not done Ten years but I have active court action that can step into Appeal court so the PAG mostly wants to keep me happy.

Even though I have not done ten years the PSP let me off not onecr but twice. I was put back on under AcT 10 and I filed objection for a hearing – they took me back off until the hearing

At the hearing I will rise every objection to ACT 10 form being CIVIL and its effect being CRIMINAL making ACT 10 very criminal.

Weaver v Gram SCOTUS case is the case that is giving Michigan a fight at their state police level.

Their ACT 10 is being challenged now in the Michigan Supreme court

It don’t look good for act 10 in Michigan. Their supreme court is not hearing the MAG on Smith v Doe. . . . civil law argument.

They are asking what is the result of violating Act 10 – if they hear jail time. They are saying that sounds criminal not civil in effect.

and they go back to Weaver v. Gram case of the SCOTUS which says a new law cannot have a form of civil and an effect criminal.

No civil law ever put people in jail. The MAG try to argue that the ACT 10 rules are not onerous in punishment – The court ain’t trying to hear that in Michigan…… You can google the Michigan suprem court fight on their ACT 10

PA is not far behind Michigan.

The PASC will soon be hearing the same song next when ACT 10 gets before them

You guys may not understand the full plight of all of this – – – but it is a no win in the Legislature on SO registry laws.

The jig is up. every tine the court agrees with them – they add something new to restrict a SO.