Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

That is not the letter that I got

That is the ACT 10 Notice – There should be with that by law a hearing that is what is missing

Being attached to ACT 10 without a formal hearing

Just you must register or face felony

The date of ACT 10 is 21 Feb 2018 they give it 22 Feb 2018 you have 90 days to comply – that is the time to seek court redress on ACT 10

ACT 10 is a law that stands side by side with the MUNIZ law and ACT 10 seems to be the law that is in the PSP hands until it is challenged before 22 May 2018

The lower courts will deny relief causing an appeal to the next court. PSP know that RSO’s cannot afford a lawyer and will comply in fear of arrest

But it only takes one to go to court for all.

the ACLU is not a help on this – they are down on what they should be up on

If it is going to be – it is up to me to file – – – – – against ACT 10 application on a Pre-SORNA RSO

The Commonwealth will claim ACT 10 as Civil in remedy to the interest of public safety

But that is in form only – in effect the ACT10 is criminal because it threatens jail time.

Some will need a lawyer to act on what I am saying. Please don’t fight the PSP by being non compliant

ACT 10 has in it a court challenge opportunity you have to stay compliant all the way through appeals with the PSP until final judicial determination and any Cert to the SCOTUS by the PSP.

ACT 10 will not be hard to take down – the challenge is the first step – A decision to go to court. . . ASAP….. Sooner the better before 22 May 2018 before 90 day notice expire would be good.