Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

I am in court fighting for a court determination of my case up or down

I need that to appeal to the next court.

In order to get to the next court the lower court must give an order for me to appeal from

If the court dismiss my case I get an order to appeal from
Now they have taken me off the registry not once but twice

I am not a lawyer but I know the fight and I know what to say to the court to object to protect what I need to get to the PASC and there is where we all will shine and ACT 10 will find its match – – – – –

ACT 10 is CRIMINAL masking as CIVIL.

ACT 10 lacks NON PUNITIVE proofs

Is Incarceration Non-punitive?

That sounds criminal in effect

ACT 10 creates unfair lie to the people of Pa.

It is a MUNIZ decision attack to push MUNIZ back

ACT 10 passed into Law by Lies that sex offenders are going to be let go under MUNIZ – Decision in the 1,000’s. We need a Law to stop this.

Yea let us make ACT 10 based on this Meth and Hysteria to say that ACT 10 took all the MUNIZ punishment and try to make it look CIVIL on its face, but at it behind it is criminal