Reply To: Abolish the public sex offender registry


shimon weiner

Im a sex offender,
I was charged with a misdemeanor, “contributing to the sexual delinquency of a minor’ my victim was 17, we started seeing each other for about a year. The dates provided by the court shows we had relations 16 days before her 18th Birthday…she also had another case of similar circumstances’, I was sentenced to 18 month probation, attend a one year class, 2x polygraphs, a life registration, and Sex offenders are added to the FBI watch list. This was 13 years ago. I’m educated well skilled and have excellent rental history, I’m a single father of a 6 year old boy, who never misses school. I’m unemployed and homeless i live with family. Ive been rejected from dozens of rental apps, I have completed Interviews and receive welcome aboard letters only to be told when i show up they have “actually decided to go with someone else” thanks.
I’m uncomfortable everywhere i go i cant help at my sons school, registration is a life sentence of poverty and and isolation.