Reply To: “Social, not geographic, proximity facilitates sex crimes.”



Sandy does keep people on their toes with a lot of these topics, thumbs up Sandy. I have to agree this is a good topic about that Governor in NY. All of the comments have been good and it gives food for thought also. I do like that obvious answers guy up their. Matter of fact the other night I was just brushing up on the good sumertian and listening to John McArthur sermon, which is more about loveing thy neighbor as thyself.

All this psycho experiment stuff isn’t my bag. Sure we’ve have bad things go on in America. I wonder who made the decision to drop the “Atomic bomb” in WWII, now there’s your gun control. .. wipe em all out and you don’t have to worry about the enemy. Sort of cruel isn’t it but that was the President of that time.

Now we are faced with the sex offender epic that is so biblically unbalanced and presents a power hunger for all politicians today. OldTestament law was somewhat a domination of fighting struggle Sure they wanted to know how to love thy neighbor as thyself and how to help others but they missed the course in a few ways. Is this Sex Offender ordeal some futuristic perdiction thats gone a bit too far.

Today its dog eat dog and law enforcements are picking people off the internet left and right with this made up story opportunity to get one to come down and to meet. Is that some power play or is it todays’ political justice for all. The governors and the president’ should be ashamed and yes they will get their damnation. I wonder who’s more carnal the law or the regular citizens. I wonder who’s more power hungry.

Believe it or not all this is a Civil right issue and a form of human slavery that need’s to be addressed and the commandmants they have broken, but thats life. Sure the internet is good and the law is good if you use it correctly but man seems to want to play these games. Believe it or not, not all are sex offenders or did we all come out of the same egg. Talk to congressman, civil lawyers, Yes NARSOL is in there with you but we all have to pull together just like Mary Sue is in Texas and make a difference.