Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


@ Terry Brunson
You were right that took you off again, you are very powerfull my friend, you literally have them by the ((((BALL))))!!! So now act 10 in shit they want to bring back HB 1952? According to Carry second consideration, Terry I would keep HB 1952 in your mandamus, also if possible add HB 631 while your at it. What the hell is going on now with 1952 coming back into play, they said marsico is good at getting these bullshit laws to go through, I think this is how he works it’s, he keeps twisting shit around and going back and forth from new bill to old bill then creates another bill then back to the original bill, like a dog trying to tug of war to shake the rope right out of your hands, does that make sense, we’re a different generation here, we not tuppid, we my friends are playing some ball now!!!!!!