Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

I am terry brunson
I am here a lot. I read up on the show cause rule in the civil rules.
The PAG was handed the show cause in my case by a constituted law enforcement officer. The police took the court show cause to the PAG
desk and wanted her to answer the court right away on terry brunson objection. The court gave this woman 20 days to show why I was taken off the registry and put back on the registry when she told the court that I was off the registry.

I think you was supersized that the Commonwealth Court has teeth. She called me and apologized for the over sight – blaming the PSP. She told me that I would be off the registry in Ten Minutes. I don’t know what she done or who she talked to. I was off in ten minutes flat.

I think her boss got on her ass for thinking I was off. . . When they wrote the court . Every pleading has a VERIFICATION that the statements in the motion are true. Hers was not true I was not off the registry like she told the court. They are on her for lying to the court.

From here she will try to call me again to see if we can negotiate a resolution to the rule 4 (c) prior to the show cause hearing in on ACT 10 now in 20 days.

See now I am not fighting SORNA – MUNIZ got me off of that.

I am at ACT 10 fight now. I am the first. This fight is a fight for all 9,000 RSO’s who are facing ACT 10 and do not have a lawyer. My fight is your fight. It is almost like the MUNIZ case.
When the PSP just put me back on the PSP registry you all saw it and told me that I was back on there. I challenge you to look now.

See the PSP cannot put me on ACT 10 without a hearing just as I wrote.

Now at the hearing all I have to do is listen to the PAG try to tell the court that ACT is not punitive. I know that Smith V Doe is the case on that .

All I have to do Is show that Reputation was violative on Feb 21, 2018 when the PSP put on back on the Website without a hearing.
They want to have a hearing now. At the hearing the PAG will bring up facts of irrebutible presumption of how sO’s are a danger to Pa. public. I will asked to confront those facts. They are made up.
Not true. I will make an applied challenge to PAG facts and call for expert testimony.

I gues you all will know the drill from there. It is going to be me saying I object to PAG line of proof. To preseve appeal challenge on it is unfair to zero in on people that MUNIZ helped. if you read ACT 10 it target pre-SORNA people after April 1996 and before 20 Dec 2012 – – – – – in retroactive application.

The PAG is going to say the ACT 10 is no punitive. Ex post facto is ok. I will continue to show that ACT 10 violated the Pa. Constitution by putting me on it with out a hearing. The show cause hearing that we are doing now is a back track that I am objecting to.

The hearing is about a few weeks late. I don’t plan to win this round. But making the right objection is the key on the record to let the Appeal court that will review the record see that shady shit is going on.

I will keep up the objections until I get to the PASC and they the help will come. Only the PASC can man handle the Pa. Assembly and the PAG and the PSP. and the match will play out in our favor to get ACT 10 tossed, and MUNIZ back in place.