Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


Concerned Registered Citizen

Mr. brunson no disrespect to you or to your intelligence, but Sir I am still confused! Is the PSP going to or not place me (a ten years pre-SORNA RSO with no further sex convictions or any convictions and that has resided in only one State thou conviction is US002) on Act 10 just because they feel like it or can legally?

Are they going to have me update by March 29th anniversary (or hope I do not) and then require me to go see them again within 90 days (to again update) after ACT 10 letter noticed?

And how are this people still employed in public service/law and not held to answer charges of treason for their blatant willful violation of oath of office, laws like (Muniz and others) as well as so many constitutional rights?
I just don’t get it! I mean…I do, but I …don’t!