Reply To: “Social, not geographic, proximity facilitates sex crimes.”


Seems every politician loves to make rules for others. They even have rules for dogs today Did you know if your dog poops in the park one has to have a poop bag, walking down the street with a dog would be a bit much also. I would love to hear an internet sex “scam” sting operation saying : Mom is gone would you come over at the house and play with my dog and help me, he’s board and so am also, I can’t get him out of his cage or any number of combinations. Like the investigator told me, Its all part of the game.

Yes law enforcment seems to come up with everything to sucker one in. Yes we have to pat that dective on the back for doing public a safety number. They should even give those that are caught up in all this a “sucker” as a good gesture when they are interigating them.

So they incircerate one or give you probation and one has a certain line or barrier line to challange as to were to live and its all controled under them if one lets them Remember they are “Ordained”. You folks haven’t been reading your bible or your just reading the these, thou’s, and the begot’s. Human law is good or did someone eat the forbidden fruit of the Old Testament. Actually I think we should ask to be stoned to death and that would take care of all sex offenders & save a lot of prison space plus save a lot of money instead of us having to be defrauded of our life, liberty and true Justice for all.

We wouldn’t even have to worry about planes, trains, and automobiles or being close to parks, lakes, schools, and lets not forget churches, wonder why it doesn’t mention churches. I’m sure it will get to that eventually. Maybe we all should wear a dog collar around our neck saying “sucker sex offender”.

Now if I’m being a bit sarcastic I am, as all this is for safety but than again I wonder who suffers at nights, Is it law enforcement people that set one up or the politician that said “let em eat cake”. or should they say I’m proud to be an American. I believe law and government need to be thrown some black power, white power and Gospel power all at the same time.