Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

The court is not playing with the PAG and PSP in this case They realize not where I am trying to go – To the PASC on killing ACT 10 I have to clear understanding on hos to kill ACT 10 dead like DOA

The PAG just got off the phone with me- – – I don’t call them they call me. . . . . .

She said that my name will be off the registry in ten minutes

I said yea right!

I checked the website this morning and there I was on there still . . . march 20, 2018

I checked in after the phone call with the PAG and I was off there in like she said ten minutes

Like magic I was removed off and Gone. I e-filed a writ of preliminary objection # 3 asking for 17 Million dollar settlement in compensatory damages and punitive damages and Tort damages and
I know they may not pay that but I asked in the writ
It filed and I got some act right away by the phone from the PAG in Harrisburg

I will say this again – I don’t call the PSP ML section – They called me and
She sounded nervous – I am not that smart but I think they think I am. The PAG don’t want terry brunson to go to court and I know why – It is about the money if the court make the decision. If they dismiss I am still going to appeal. They are trying to do a “voluntary cessation” to keep me out of court. a Court fight means they will have to pay me. . . . . . . . .

In my case I asked for $90,000 in money damages. They just want to take me off the registry but then Brian said I was back on. I checked and I went to work filing in court.. This time I E-filed directly to the Commonwealth court clerk and requested filling of preliminary objection # 3 ASAP I should be off now – – – – – – How long we will see ACT 10 is in trouble I can tell from the was they were talking to me on the phone.

ACT 10 is just sitting there and school lawyers are doing nothing – I don’t think every lawyer knows this ACT 10 Law like we know it. I saw HB 1952 and HB 631 I know which page and line to attack in ACT 10. I am becoming an expert at it. All I need is for the court to dismiss my Mandamus as Moot and let me appeal ACT 10 is now attached to my Mandamus