Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


Concerned Registered Citizen

Mr. brunson I have a question for which you may be able to offer opinion, guidance and education based on experience(not legal advice).

My registration 10 day period is March 19th thru 29th. My conviction Summer 2003, My registration start 2004. Classified a Tier 1 under SORNA on Jan 2013 after a “Tier pending” period of about a month. I have heard from Narsol in action podcast legal professionals’ panelists to keep in compliance until we get an official letter stating otherwise.

So, in layman English as you breakdown most of your posts, in your opinion should I show up at the PSP Barracks to update, and if so, when should I date wise?
You mentioned March 23 is last day to provide Pre-Sorna folks noticed of the new law ACT 10 and 90 days to comply.

Today is the 20th. I have 9 more days legally to wait until showing up for my annual. If I go after the March 23rd will they automatically put me(or attempt to) under the new law? Should I show up March 20th-22nd? or after March 23rd is OK too?

Also, what does your statement ” All SORNA updates will meaning nothing they are void. That dead line date is MAY 21, 2018″. I am legitimately concerned about this.

Thank you Sir for your opinion and I am sincerely baffled that NARSOL Executives have not pluck you away to provide them the knowledge you have rightfully acquired thru hard work, lots and lots of research and great personal risk. Thank you again Sir!(not to butter you up, but you absolutely deserve it since like many others have posted on previous posts, no lawyers seem to provide any guidance without personal gain, sadly)