Reply To: “Social, not geographic, proximity facilitates sex crimes.”


obvious answers

It will not get better. Some may say I am wearing a tin hat but feel free to research what I included at the bottom as a start, look at society and draw your own conclusions.
“sex offender” is a specifically chosen and targeted brand as the detested of society.lot of propaganda in that.
Everyone listed as “sex offender” is branded in the absolute worst manner to be guinnui pigs.

The registries are only the start. The registry was needed to for the gun registries and other control tools that will follow.
Soon the sex offender registry will be used to begin population control. The further away from being human you are branded, the easier it will be.

Here is some reading literature and some of the experiments utilized to create the rat maze you are currently enrolled in.

The Asch Conformity experiment
The Good Samaritan Experiment (Darley and Batson)
Bystander Apathy Experiment
The Stanford Prison Experiment
The Migram experiment
and finally:
why dehumanizing reistrys?
It is not about safety, nor ever was it.. it was a scientifically and psychologically determined form of population control. Dehumanization can help predict attitudes and behaviors and create a sterile environment for control
Social Dominance Theory experiment